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Monday, September 26, 2005

Online ad revenues increase 26% and MSN wants a piece of that

This week started really interesting, in New York MIXX Conference is on and a couple of press releases are getting noticed everywhere in the blogosphere. The IAB released 2005 FH Internet Ad Revenues which show a 26% increase over 2004 FH, via SearchEngineWatch it looks like those number are on the low side, unless numbers outside US are getting bigger. Search related ads are 40% of approximately $5.8 billion, followed by display ads (20%), classifieds (18%), rich media (8%) and lead generation (6%). CPM is still the preferred choice with 48%, the full report will be available in October, I will be waiting for it.

And also in October MSN is going to start testing its paid search service in the US according to the press release, nearly a month since they started using it in Singapore, today they announced the official launch in France. So it is time to start checking MSN Advertising site and try to find if they are blogging to get some news when it will be available for Latin America, there is enough space for a newcomer and I hope it can help the growth of online advertising here.

A request to the Scobleizer for a Channel9 video about adCenter, I guess there is none since a MSN search did not return related results.


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