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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What are Google and Sun working on

Today's Sun and Google news conference was widely expected, some where predicting an Ajax/XUL Google OpenOffice Suite and it would have been a real surprise because there was no indication that work related was being done, the official agreement is the distribution of their software technologies, although some are not excited about the announcement, there are important things to consider about this.

  • Last month Microsoft's PDC Conference courted developers for
    upcoming .Net technologies, Java needed something like these to keep being a big player in the developers wars and Google definitely could enhance their APIs to bring more developers aboard.

  • As Dana Gardner states nowadays it's good to be Google and voice and data network providers should be concerned because this could lead to an efficient VoIP competitor

  • Java, OpenOffice, Solaris working with Google's technologies is more food for my Google Mobile Computer prediction, in fact I believe both companies will be working in something similar to Morfik's JST technology to get software-as-a-service and the-network-is-the-computer concepts finally where they need to be.

Elsewhere David Berlind and Om Malik are giving their opinions about the announcement


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