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Thursday, October 06, 2005

About tagging in Web 2.0 conference

Blog posts about Web 2.0 conference are increasing so let's add one more, this one is related to the interesting technology we are using to organize information: tags.

In the tagging workshop they talked about interestingness which is a new metric used by Flickr, a preliminar comparison with meta-keywords on web pages, private and public tagging and the on-going research for automatic tagging, this phenomen looks interesting and we are going to get the idea of what this means when more tagging studies are available. This is definitely the KISS approach to what RDF is trying to achieve for the semantic web.

In the Open Source Infrastructure workshop open media concepts dominated the interaction between the panelists, worth to mention is
microformatting which is an attempt to organize blog content, combined with the launch of Wink to integrate tagging and search engines and the release of the Attention Trust Recorder Firefox extension to log a user's clickstream online ads will get better as suggested in the Web 2.0 Ad Models panel.

Tag driven ads are the next big thing on the web


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