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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Is GoogleHosting coming?

While searching for blog hosting providers today I went to the WebHostingTalk Forums where I found a discussion about who got the domain name googlehosting.com, the winner of the backorder process is Jim Yoon from Dotstar Inc. The domain is not in the SearchEngineWatch's Google Domains List so I wanted to check if this is something similar to what Google Addiction is reporting about DataDocket and MarkMonitor. So far I only found some relationship with therightplan.com and newscorporation.com and since there is no clear indication in Tony Ruscoe's Google Subdomains list that a hosting service is coming, it is just a rumour for now.

But the discussion got me thinking about it so I did a blog search about GoogleHosting and the only result found was about GoogleNet speculation - you can read my Google Global Net prediction too - and the reduction of bandwidth costs to enhance searching and indexing experiences.

As Sergey Brin stated at Web 2.0 conference, Google is not focused in producing content but giving access to it and analyzing their business ecosystem, they had commoditized storage via Gmail for the users, they are constantly adding new features - like Flash based ads - for advertisers but publishers are not getting enough love - unless you are Jason Calacanis - so a hosting service from Google could make web publishers happy too.

Google is already hosting blogs like this, videos and is a domain registrar so they know enough about the business. In their small business offerings Yahoo and Microsoft already offer hosting and since there are some reports about hosting providers inserting links to hosted content this is a chance to stop this and expand Google AdSense reach, this looks like a natural evolution of Google's existing online products so here is one use for Google Purchases, I am still wondering how the ad-free subset and micro-payments mentioned by Eric Schmidt will fit in.

Update: (20051017) Gary from ResourceShelf was kind enough to do some additional research and it seems that Dotstar is a squatter of the domain. So let's go back to search for a new host.


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