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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More things to consider on Blog Usability

Yesterday Jakob Nielsen posted an article about weblog usability, which has some interesting suggestions for bloggers interested in building readership, you can follow the discussion on Memeorandum and I am already trying to correct the Nondescript Posting Titles and Links don't say where they go design mistakes in this blog but I don't agree with Jakob in:

  • Irregular publishing frequency. Usually you discover new posts through subscriptions or search engines

  • Mixing Topics. You can provide subscriptions for each topic you post about

I have been doing some thinking about what do I need in a blog to be useful and I am putting the following factors in consideration to find which is the adequate hosting provider/engine for blogging

  • easily discovered RSS/Atom feeds

  • visible and simple search

  • simple tagging for a lightweight cognitive process

  • simple comments/trackback navigation

  • full text RSS/Atom feed or customized excerpt feed

I am still trying to find the best way to quote from other blogs, any thoughts about this?


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