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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Semantic Google Base

So I was wrong on the name and scope of my GoogleHosting prediction, they are working on a hosting project but their plan is bigger, they are going to let content owners submit their content to Google to build a enormous web database.

So this got me thinking about how are they going to handle the huge amount of information that will be coming, it looks like they are using a distributed structured storage system called BigTable, which was presented last week in a talk at University of Washington where they mentioned it is in use in Google Print, My Search History, Orkut, Crawling/Indexing pipeline, Google Maps/Google Earth, Blogger, Google Reader and others.

According to this screenshot and these others the service will have these features:

  • An option to advertise a service you offer or an item you sell.

  • An option for webmasters to upload articles.

  • An option to researchers to publish their work.

And they are going to organize the information with labels and attributes, this means more metadata to filter and rank the search results. This move is really interesting and it is not only a move to compete against Craigslist or eBay but it is the RDF store that Adam Bosworth was talking about in the MySQL Users Conference 2005. If they are successful with this project they will have taken one more step in their pursuit for knowledge, I hope that the automatic filter that may be in place when an item goes from items status "Processing - will publish soon" to "Published" will be good enough to handle spam.


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