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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Microsoft Live Web 2.0

There was enough expectation for today's Microsoft announcement and as reported at Marketwatch it is just the beginning of Microsoft's 5-year big bet iteration towards software as a service.

Last week, Scoble's Silicon Valley tour - which included a trip to Google's Zeitgeist - got him scared because Microsoft is getting late to the foundations of the Online Attention Economy, this move is needed to protect their market share and confront the Google challenge, which could lead to a Office-in-a-box potential demise and the generation of new office productivity applications using social computing paradigms.

Attention recording is not only meant to be used by Monetization Gadgets, it could also lead to a better user/developer experience, this is important and Microsoft's Live move is the first step to not add one more reason to Scoble's list of reasons why Web 2.0 entrepreneurs are not using Microsoft's stuff because not everyone is waiting for Vista.

You can check out some of the coverage via Scoble, my preferred one so far is Michael Arrington's Real Time Notes about the event. Until they publish a recorded version you can check out these blogs:


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