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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Predicting new products from Google

Today is Google's official 7th birthday, although I agree with Danny Sullivan and thought it was the 7th, anyway it's a good reason to try the predicting game summarizing some of the rumours about Google products not launched yet.

I believe these are the products Googlers are betting on, for getting these conclusions I am deeply influenced by the following Eric Schmidt's quotes:

Google Global Net
A dark fiber expert, investments in a powerline carrier , some carrier hotel space rumours, a RFP to build an optical DWDM network and the sponsorship of some WiFi hotspots show their efforts to bring universal access and the broadband required for VoIP & video.

Google SmartPhone
Already in the VoIP market, with Android's acquisition they got people who build mobile internet products and were presumably working on a mobile OS with IPTV capabilities, with Dodgeball they have location-aware services to get a better IM experience and since they did not buy Meetroduction they may already have geo-proximity technology, add some PIM tools like a Calendar and some thin applications similar to the ones they are working in the sub-$100 laptops and you know what's next.

Google Mobile Computer

Google has an operating system, since thick clients will still be relevant for a decade they could be working in boxes which will support some of the projects they are already helping like the Project Looking Glass and the Inkscape SVG Editor, this upcoming computer will use their proven search technologies to find the right information in the new world of work.

Google Internet Navigator

Google Sidebar suggests what information you may be interested and Google Toolbar improves your overall browsing experience in IE, they have a Firefox Team with a Mac expert and Om Malik suggests that they made Opera free, it looks like they are already making the calls so they just need to launch a navigator for branding purposes.

Google AdSense for TV & Print

Google is already trying print advertising sales and they were recently looking for a product manager for Google TV, if a Google Sidebar is introduced in a Tivo near to you, AdSense will make it to the offline world in magazine articles and closed captions shows.

More predictions coming soon

Monday, September 26, 2005

Online ad revenues increase 26% and MSN wants a piece of that

This week started really interesting, in New York MIXX Conference is on and a couple of press releases are getting noticed everywhere in the blogosphere. The IAB released 2005 FH Internet Ad Revenues which show a 26% increase over 2004 FH, via SearchEngineWatch it looks like those number are on the low side, unless numbers outside US are getting bigger. Search related ads are 40% of approximately $5.8 billion, followed by display ads (20%), classifieds (18%), rich media (8%) and lead generation (6%). CPM is still the preferred choice with 48%, the full report will be available in October, I will be waiting for it.

And also in October MSN is going to start testing its paid search service in the US according to the press release, nearly a month since they started using it in Singapore, today they announced the official launch in France. So it is time to start checking MSN Advertising site and try to find if they are blogging to get some news when it will be available for Latin America, there is enough space for a newcomer and I hope it can help the growth of online advertising here.

A request to the Scobleizer for a Channel9 video about adCenter, I guess there is none since a MSN search did not return related results.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Starting over

I just started posting my first spanish blog, I could not find a correct translation for web clips so I just changed the order of the words to use the correct grammar. I am going to post in there primarily IT related articles and as the title says, some web clips from the web for a Latin American spanish-speaking audience. Sometimes I will be commenting some posts from the web and since I don't want to confuse the people coming from non-spanish written resources I am going to use this blog to post those comments in the official Internet language ;)

It's time to share my thoughts in the Participation Age.